Job Shadowing Reflection

From job shadowing a pediatrician I have learned that I am currently interested in this career because mainly I loved working with the kids and helping to treat them the day g my job shadow. I have also learned that in order to become a pediatrician in the future I must attend an under graduate school for four years, after that I would go to medical school for another. After attaining my degree I have to do residency training for at least three years.

I think that my job shadowing presentation was good, but I could have done better. Instead of just reading of my presentation, I should have talked more than I just had on my slides and explain my resume, cover letter, thank you letter, and reference list better.

Some presentation techniques that I could incorporate into my next presentation, is using Prezi and record my voice. Add transitions and animations to my presentation and instead of using screen cast to record my voice for the presentation, record from PowerPoint.

I think that an improvement that I could have done differently to change the outcome of my presentation, is to start on it early so that I could have animation and add more pictures to my presentation. I should have recorded multiple times and so my presentation wasn’t that long. And also try not to repeat my self during my presentation make sure that there is no background noise in my video.

I wish that I would have added more pictures to my slides, to make my presentation more interesting. Also record my voice better or even standing in front of the class to present.

If I could present my presentation again I wouldn’t repeat my self during the presentation. And I wouldn’t do my recording last minute before it is due the next day. Maybe record before so I do not feel pressured to finish my recording that day.

The easiest part of the presentation process was to put information about my job shadowing experience in the hospital. And the skills necessary for a pediatrician.

The hardest part of the presentation process was to know how to explain my resume, cover letter, references, and the thank you letter. Because I wasn’t sure about what I had to explain about them and I basically just summarized what I had on them.

Now that I have reflected on my presentation, I think that I did not do that bad during my presentation but I believe that I could have done some improvements to the presentation to do make it better.



Mock Interview Reflection

  • When I interviewed a class mate, I felt that I was going to hire the people that I was asking the questions. I feel like seeing an interview from employers perspective did make me more prepared for an interview because I have seen how nervous people get and sometimes we don’t know how to answer some of the questions that might be asked.
  • While I was interviewed by a classmate, I felt nervous and felt unprepared because I didn’t know what questions they were going to ask. I felt this way because they got to choose the questions to ask us and in a way I wasn’t prepared and I felt that I could of answered differently.
  • I feel that the responses I gave could of had more detail, I feel like I could of done better and not just answer very quickly.
  • Some advice I would give to future participants of a mock interview or even a real interview is don’t be nervous. Because if you are you might not answer some of the questions properly. Also don’t lie in questions they ask you because that could get you fired later on if you get the job.
  • I know that to be better prepared I need to dress properly for the interview, also you need to be kind and shake your hand with your person who is interviewing you. Make eye contact so they see you are interested in the job. The things that you should bring to an interview are your resume and reference list.
  • I believe that it was good that we got to see how an interview would be like, also I feel that this has prepared me for future job’s I might apply for. We could improve this activity by maybe practice more, do more than just  two people so that we are more prepared for future interviews. I believe that this is a skill that you will need in real life because to be able to get a job you will be interviewed so that the employer knows you.

Current News – Freddie Gray

MSN News.
This news story explains how they think that the arrest of Freddie Gray was and how his neck was injured, and caused his death. This reporter is neutral because shows both sides of the argument, says that they don’t have enough proof to say how Freddie was injured, and on then explains the other side on how they believe that when Freddie was wrestled to the ground by police officers he might of had a spinal cord injury. but they still don’t have enough proof of whether Gray was injured during the arrest, or during the trip to the police station. they explain how during the arrest Freddie had said he couldn’t breathe and that they failed to give him medical attention. Also the police officers didn’t not buckle him in the van. I believe that things like these shouldn’t happen, police officers should be more careful while arresting, because now they are potential suspects of Grays death. It is sad how Freddie Gray died, while doing investigations they said that Gray had suffered a head injury while he was in the van since Freddie was not buckled in the van by the police officers he got injured.

What do you think caused Freddie’s Injury?
Do you think the Police are responsible for his injury?

Board Games

One of the first board game to be invented was the Senet. It is from Egypt and it was discovered in the tomb of King Tut, it was appeared to be created around 3000 B.C according to Egyptologist. Some of the favorite board games to play are Monopoly, Candy Land, Snakes and Latters, and Connect four. Monopoly, originated in the United States in 1903 it has a way to demonstrate land ownership. The minimum to be able to play this game is two people and up to eight people can play. Candy Land was created in 1949 by Eleanor Abbott, in San Diego California. Snakes and Ladders is an ancient Indian board game regarded today as a worldwide classic created in 1943. The objective of this game is to navigate the game piece according to the dice rolls, sometimes you will go up and sometimes you will roll dice and go down a latter. Connect Four was created in 1979 and it is a two-player game, you first choose a color and then take turns dropping colored discs from the top into a seven-column the pieces fall straight down, occupying the next available space within the column. The objective of the game is to connect four of one’s discs of the same color next to each other vertically, horizontally, or diagonally before your opponigsngent.

Reflection on 60 second Shakespeare

In the performance of Act 5 of the play “Twelfth Night” by Shakespeare we as a group had to create a script. We had to summarize the play and come up with a script that explains the whole act and perform in sixty seconds or more. Some of the positive aspects that my group had are that we worked together to get the script done. We as a group could of improved by not just reading of our papers and actually face the audience. Advice I have for others students who might do this group work is to practice and try to perform the play not just read of the papers. I did not memorize my lines so I had to be reading of my paper, and I think this is one of the things I should of done remember my lines. We did use props when the duke gives the clown money, and when Fabian gives Lady Olivia the letter from Malvolio. If we could re-do this performance I would improve my script, and try to remember my lines. And we as a group come up with a whole script because we were doing our own and then at the end we had to do the final script. While I was performing I didn’t speak up and on my video I can barely hear myself. Also I did not face the audience at all.

EduBlog Commmenting Tips

Some tips on commenting are that you can comment on peoples blog to learn more about the topic, or offer additional advice. Another great comment you may write under the persons blog is writting a question you may have on the topic they made the blog about. You may commment on something that you may agree or disagree with and want to prove a point.


I really liked the play by Group Interpretation, I had never seen the plays from school and I really liked this play. They didn’t use costumes to make the play, they all had the same clothes on. My first impressions was that maleficent was going to be the evil lady who ruined the princess life, but in reality Maleficent was the one who ended up saving the princess from the death sleep until kissed by true love. My favorite part was when maleficent said she didn’t like the princess because her father lied to her she trusted him and he took away her wings. So then as revenge maleficent took away his daughter Aurora and she basically grew up seeing maleficent. Maleficent ended up having feeling towards the princess whom she put a spell on, and regret doing that. Once the spell came true maleficent went to look for the princess true love, but he was no able to awake her. So maleficent then kissed the princess because she regret what she did and then aurora awakes, after this aurora was able to return maleficent wings to her.

Future High School Students

Throughout my years in high school I have learned that when they say that your years in high school will go flying they do mean it. My high school years have been flying by and, they can be the best 4 years of your life if you join clubs or do sports after school. I will also tell you that here you will make new friends but you might also lose some of you current friends because they ended up going to a different school, or because you just lose contact with them. Some advice I have is to take high school seriously, do your work when it is assigned and turn it in on time. Keep your grades up, i believe that is the most important advice. If you end up getting a bad grade dont say that you will be able to bring it up later or that you’ll do better next time. Try to fix it fast, ask for extra credit if they give it to you, to improve your grades.

Plan Test Reflection

The Plan test was difficult when it came to the reading portion of the test, I did not have enough time to finish reading the passages and answer all of the questions so I had to guess. The English, Math, and Science portion was fairly easy I was able to finish it with no problems of not having enough time to answer all of the questions. I think that the practice we had in class helped me a lot because I saw a lot of the things we reviewed in class on the plan test, and which helped me to be more secure of the answer I was choosing. Some of the strategies that I used were to read the questions first and then read the passage for the English and reading portions of the test. This way I knew what the question was and was prepared to find the answer when reading the passage. Another strategy that I used was to look through the passage to find the answers, I used this strategy when I was running out of time, and had no time to read all of the passage on the test.