Current News – Freddie Gray

MSN News.
This news story explains how they think that the arrest of Freddie Gray was and how his neck was injured, and caused his death. This reporter is neutral because shows both sides of the argument, says that they don’t have enough proof to say how Freddie was injured, and on then explains the other side on how they believe that when Freddie was wrestled to the ground by police officers he might of had a spinal cord injury. but they still don’t have enough proof of whether Gray was injured during the arrest, or during the trip to the police station. they explain how during the arrest Freddie had said he couldn’t breathe and that they failed to give him medical attention. Also the police officers didn’t not buckle him in the van. I believe that things like these shouldn’t happen, police officers should be more careful while arresting, because now they are potential suspects of Grays death. It is sad how Freddie Gray died, while doing investigations they said that Gray had suffered a head injury while he was in the van since Freddie was not buckled in the van by the police officers he got injured.

What do you think caused Freddie’s Injury?
Do you think the Police are responsible for his injury?

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